Tuition fees

Tuition fees for PGR students are charged pro rata for the current academic session no matter the point within that session you begin your studies, therefore if you begin in October you will pay a full 12 months fees but if you begin in March, your fees for that academic session will be for 6 months until the start of the next academc session. Each session begins in October.

Subsequently, you will be charged a full 12 month fee until such time as you are due to submit. The fee you pay in your final year will be defined by your submission date.

Dont forget, that you are able to transfer to a period we call 'submission pending' during your writing up phase as long as your supervisor is happy to confirm you have finished the research element of your PhD and are writing up. This will significantly reduce the fee you pay. If you are funded, it is wise to wait to do this when the funding ends as the process automatically stops stipend payment. Further information about how to change to submission pending is available here

For more information about current rates please visit the Student Fees pages.