Sources of funding

There are several sources of financial assistance for eligible students from the USA. These include federal aid (Direct Loans) available for US citizens or eligible non-citizens who are enrolled at least half-time in a degree programme, making satisfactory academic progress, and not in default or owing a return payment on a grant or loan.

Federal Aid (Direct Loans)

The University of Liverpool participates in the William D Ford Direct Loan Program.

Direct Loans are low-interest loans for eligible students and parents to help pay for the cost of a student's education at University. The lender is the U.S. Department of Education rather than a bank or other financial institution.

For the latest, accurate, information on the types of Direct Loans available, as well as associated interest rates, and repayment plans, please refer to the Federal Student Aid webpages provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Private Loans

Students may explore the possibility of borrowing additional private, credit-based finance to assist them in meeting their educational costs. The University will work with whichever private lender you decide to use, however, please be aware that Sallie Mae are the only lenders we are currently aware of that is willing to lend to students at a foreign school. 

You are advised to compare the terms, charges, and interest rates before taking out a private loan.

VA Educational Benefits

Certain programmes of study are also registered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and eligible students may apply for VA Educational Benefits. The University will certify the enrolment of students who have applied for benefits.

Other Sources of Funding

The University has available various scholarships to eligible students. Postgraduate students should refer to the Postgraduate Funding Tool. The University's money and scholarships page for international students also contains useful information.