Financial aid for students from the USA and Canada

If you are a student from the USA or Canada the University of Liverpool will support you with obtaining financial aid from your home country. For further details please consult the relevant sections of this website.

Students from the USA

The University of Liverpool participates in the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program managed by the US Department of Education. Certain programmes are also registered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and eligible students may seek VA Educational Benefits through the University. The University will also work with private lenders such as Sallie Mae. For further information please consult the pages below.

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Direct Loan News

Applications for Aid (2020-21)

The University will be accepting applications for aid in 2020-21 from June 2020. Please visit the application process pages for further details about completing your federal aid application.

Students from Canada

Students receiving out-of-provice aid from Canadian provinces should send their loan and deferment forms to