Overseas Resits

Hopefully you will pass your exams and proceed to the next stage of your studies. However, if you fail any exams it is important that you contact your department to confirm which examination modules you are required to resit.

If your department requires you to repeat your failed modules without attendance in 201920 then you can apply to resit the failed exam at a British Council Office in your home country. The information below describes how you can do this.

If you wish to return to the University to re-sit your exams then you must email examsenq@liv.ac.uk who will provide you with a Visitor Visa Letter that will permit entry into the UK for the resit examination period. For any other enquiries related to your Visa please contact the International Support Team.

How to apply to resit your examination(s) overseas at a British Council Office.

If you wish to resit your examination(s) overseas you will need to complete the Application for Overseas Resit/s‌.

Once you have completed the form you can either email it to examsenq@liv.ac.uk or send it by post to:

Student Administration and Examinations Team
Student Administration and Support
University of Liverpool
Foundation Building
765 Brownlow Hill
L69 7 ZX
United Kingdom

You must also contact the British Council Office to register with them a few weeks before your exams start.

Overseas applications must be returned no later than Monday 18 November 2019 for January exams external repeaters only, Friday 06 March 2020 for May exams external repeaters only and Monday 06 July 2020 for August resit exams. Any applications received after the deadline will not be accepted, and students will be advised to make arrangements to return to the University in order to take their resit examinations.

You will be responsible for all fees charged by the British Council Office. The University of Liverpool will also charge you £60 for sending your papers to the British Council Office, this can be paid after the resits.

Not all British Council offices offer examination facilities, therefore it is essential to check before you make any arrangements with them that they are willing to accomodate you during the examination period in question.  We can confirm, that the British Council Oman, have ceased offering examinations for students with effect from November 2019.  Please contact www.britishcouncil.om for further information.   

Please note that this information applies to students that are externally repeating during 201920; the University does not automatically register those externally repeating modules to re-sit overseas. Therefore, you should follow the guidance above to return an application form to the University if you wish to sit your examinations in an overseas location.

Please note that only formal written exams can be resat outside the UK. Class tests, mid-term or practical exams involving the use of laboratories and equipment can only be resat inside the UK.