Examination guidelines and behaviour

You are strongly advised to read the Regulations for the Conduct of Examinations and the Notes of Guidance for Examination Candidates before you sit a University of Liverpool exam.

The full Regulations for the Conduct of Examinations [pdf] are Appendix D of the University’s Code of Practice on Assessment.


Notes for Guidance for Examination Candidates[pdf] summarise the Regulations and provide other useful information about exams at the University of Liverpool.

The following is a summary of the key points.

  • You MUST attend all exams unless prevented by illness or other extenuating circumstances (Regulation 1: General Regulation 1).
  • You MUST NOT enter an exam room more than half-an-hour after the start of an exam. You MUST NOT leave an exam less than half-an-hour before the end (Regulation 1: General Regulation 2).
  • You MUST enter an exam room in silence and put any bags and coats in the designated Bag Zone. You MUST arrive at the exam room at least 15 minutes before the exam is due to start in order to hear any announcements (Regulation 1: General Regulation 3).
  • You MUST switch off any mobile phone, smart watch or similar electronic data storage or communication device and either leave it in the designated Bag Zone in the exam room or place it in a clear plastic bag under your seat before the start of the examination (Regulation 1: General Regulation 4).
  • You MUST NOT have any unauthorised material with you at your exam desk or on your person whilst under examination conditions, including books, manuscripts, calculator cases, or a mobile phone or any other electronic data storage device. You MUST NOT take into an exam room any blank paper; all rough work MUST be done in the exam booklets which are provided.
  • You MAY take into an exam room any pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners and permitted technical drawing equipment (such as protractors and compasses). However, these MUST be placed in a clear plastic bag. You MUST NOT bring in any pencil case or box for these items (Regulation 1: General Regulation 5).
  • You MUST NOT disturb other candidates. You MUST follow any instructions given by an invigilator (Regulation 1: General Regulation 6).
  • You MUST NOT communicate with any other candidate in an exam room or pass a calculator to any other candidate during an exam (Regulation 1: General Regulation 7).
  • You MUST NOT impersonate another exam candidate or allow yourself to be impersonated. You MUST put your student ID card or other photo identification on your exam desk (Regulation 1: General Regulation 8).
  • You MUST NOT use scrap paper and MUST do all rough work in your answer book (Regulation 1: General Regulation 9).
  • You MUST NOT leave the exam room until your exam answer book has been collected and MUST NOT take out of the exam room any other item provided unless you are allowed to do so (Regulation 1: General Regulation 10).
  • If you arrive late, you WILL NOT be allowed extra time. If you believe that there is good reason why you could not arrive on time, you SHOULD submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim (Regulation 2: Late Arrival at Examinations)
  • You SHOULD write legibly (Regulation 8: Illegible Scripts).
  • If you consider that your performance or attendance at an exam was affected by circumstances outside your control, you SHOULD submit a Extenuating Circumstances claim (Regulation 9: Illness During Examinations and Extenuating Circumstances).
  • If you are taken ill during an examination and wish to leave the room, temporarily or permanently, you MUST inform an invigilator (Regulation 9: Illness During Examinations and Extenuating Circumstances).
  • If you have a disability and need adjustments made to your exam arrangements, you SHOULD seek advice as early as possible before the exams from the Disability Advice and Guidance Team (Regulation 10: Disability and Alternative Examination Arrangements).
  • Unless stated otherwise, you MUST only use an approved calculator (Regulation 12: The Use of Electronic Calculators in Examinations). You MUST NOT have any cover on your calculator during an exam.
  • You MAY take into an exam room a clear plastic bottle of water. You MUST NOT bring in any other type of bottle and no other drink or food, unless you have a declared medical condition and have been given permission to do so through your Support Plan or directly by the Examinations Team for temporary disabilities.