Alternative examination arrangements

Guidelines on alternative examination arrangements for disabled students and those with other support needs

Our approach

The University aims to ensure that all students have the opportunity to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes in examinations. The Student Administration and Support Division is committed to making alternative examination arrangements for individual disabled students in University summative/formal examinations.

Let us know about your disability

Students are advised to ensure that the University is aware of his or her disability by contacting the Disability Advice and Guidance Team in the Student Services Centre so that all aspects of support can be considered, including how to arrange for any variation in examination conditions and the need to provide acceptable evidence of disability.  Students are also encouraged to discuss their support needs with their academic department.

Deadline for implementing disability-related examination adjustments for January 2020 examinations 

Students must contact the Disability Advice and Guidance Team by Friday 8 November 2019 for any new exam support arrangements to be put in place for the January 2020 examination period. 

Ideally, specific arrangements would be identified at the beginning of the course/programme.  However, it is recognised that this is not always possible. There may be some changes in the effect of a disability, a student may acquire a disability after they have begun their studies, and from time to time alternative arrangements will need to be made for students with temporary disabilities or sudden illness.

More information

For more information please consult Appendix K of the Code of Practice on Assessment which provides details about adjustments to examination arrangements for disabled students.

This document contains more details about the documentary evidence as well as examples of common arrangements available if you've disclosed a disability.

Temporary Adjustment for Examinations

If you require a temporary adjustment to examination arrangements, you should contact the Advice and Guidance Team in the Student Services Centre, they will evaluate each case individually. To seek advice you can either email or attend a Drop-In session.