Absence from examinations

If you are unable to attend an examination owing to illness or other unavoidable circumstances, you must inform your department, preferably in writing or by email, before the examination, in order for the absence to be regarded as authorised.  Provided that acceptable evidence of 'good cause' for such absence (e.g. a medical note) is presented for consideration by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee in accordance with the Mitigating Circumstances Procedures Policy, you will be granted a right to re-sit as a first attempt (unless the examination missed was not a 'first attempt' examination).  Only in exceptional circumstances will a student who is absent from an examination without informing their department in advance of the examination be granted a 'first attempt' re-sit. 

The Extenuating Circumstances Policy [pdf] (formally known as Appendix M of the Code of Practice on Assessment) and Student Guidelines on Extenuating Circumstances [doc] contain fuller information.

Section 2.2 of the Policy provides advice about the timescales for submitting formal extenuating circumstances using the standard form and for submitting supporting evidence, which requires students to submit these documents within five days after a period of absence and no later than one week before the meeting of the Board of Examiners.  Please remember also, that, in accordance with Section 2.3 of the Policy, unless there is good reason why a student is unable to submit extenuating circumstances within the defined timescales, the information will not be considered by the Board of Examiners.  Section 1.4 describes the procedure for requesting an extension to a deadline for submitting coursework.