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May 2019 Examinations

Information for students with exams in the Herculaneum Room, in the Carnatic Halls of Residence

For the morning examinations, due to the limited availability of public transport prior to the start time, coaches will be provided at 9am from the main campus on Brownlow Hill (in front of Starbucks) to take you to the Carnatic Halls of Residence. There is no requirement to register for a seat and, if you have another method of transport, you are not required to notify the University. Coaches won’t be provided to return to the main campus after the exam, as the 699 bus stops next to the Carnatic Halls of Residence at the Mossley Hill Road bus stop - https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-west/699---carnatic-student-village-to-the-university-of-liverpool-and-city-centre/?direction=outbound

For afternoon examinations, students will be required to make their own travel arrangements. The 699 bus stops at Brownlow Hill (in front of Starbucks) every ten minutes. Please ensure you leave enough time to travel to your examination. The Arriva bus timetable for the 699 can be found here - https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-west/699---carnatic-student-village-to-the-university-of-liverpool-and-city-centre/?direction=outbound

If you have any questions about the above, please email examsenq@liverpool.ac.uk


What to do and how to behave in exams

All students must read and abide by our Examination Guidelines.

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