Professional Services Strategy

Professional services

Our professional services vision is to advance our University, and its staff and students, through our people, place and culture of leadership.

Our strategy puts developing our staff and creating a culture of empowered decision-making at the heart of leadership and collegiality across our University.

We will provide the highest quality student support services, wherever they are located, and enhance the wellbeing of our students as part of a distinctive experience across different locations, including online.


What sets us apart now?

What can set us apart in the future?

High-quality leadership and specialist expertise across all levels.

Our culture of teamwork with a single, flexible approach that reconfigures resources in response to agreed priorities.

Successful partnerships between academic staff, professional support colleagues and students throughout our University.

Our functional operating model which delivers improved levels of speed, agility, efficiency and precision across physical and virtual campuses.

A physical and intellectual environment that promotes innovation and success for all.

Sector-leading health and safety performance, embedded at all levels, throughout the University.


What are our core priorities and objectives?

  • Students: we will support the student journey from outreach and enquiry, through enrolment, education, co-and extra-curricular activity, to alumni engagement and beyond
  • Staff: we will make our staff feel valued, empowered and free to innovate in pursuit of our strategy
  • Research: we will support our University’s excellence, reach and impact in research
  • Financial sustainability: we will generate sufficient cash to reinvest to achieve our strategic objectives
  • Professional support services and systems: in providing a high level of support to staff and students, we will exploit digital technologies to the full and align our work across functions
  • Physical environment: we will maintain and develop a smart and sustainable estate and facilities
  • Getting our message across: we will promote our reputation and brand through our marketing and communications.

In all this, the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors are paramount.


How will we achieve our objectives?

  • We will provide the highest quality student support services, wherever they are located and will enhance the wellbeing of our students as part of a distinctive University of Liverpool experience
  • We will value and empower our staff and ensure that diversity and equality in our workforce are intrinsic to the way we operate
  • We will focus on research and impact support on our leading and emerging strengths, enhancing our research environment, our impact and our partnerships
  • We will ensure that we generate sufficient investment funds to develop and support agreed strategic priorities
  • The senior team will lead a health and safety strategy, which is embedded throughout the University, to achieve high-level assurance as verified by the Health and Safety Management Profile
  • Digital and data-informed decision-making will put ethics and integrity at the heart of governance, whilst promoting transparency and evidence-based action. This will be used to underpin cultural change to create integrated, flexible and responsive professional support
  • Our sustainable estates and facilities strategy will provide a physical environment worthy of a top 20 UK university, capable of supporting the recruitment and retention of the best staff and students, and facilitating their success
  • Our marketing, communications and external engagement strategy will enrich and promote the University’s reputation, and facilitate partnerships that contribute to the enhancement of our global reach and influence.


How will we measure progress and know we have succeeded?

We will be recognised for operating our University to the highest standards, measuring success through:

  • Staff satisfaction: improving staff satisfaction year-on-year, as measured through a formal staff survey every three years, annual surveys of targeted areas, customer satisfaction and staff engagement
  • Financial sustainability: generating an annual surplus of at least 4% by 2026, while maintaining a minimum holding of £60 million in cash to reinvest to achieve our strategic objectives and meet our long term financial commitments
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: achieving continuous improvement in operations through benchmarking and efficiency as measured through benchmarking data
  • Student satisfaction with services and support: achieving year-on-year improvements in overall student satisfaction with services and support by 2026 as measured by student focus groups and the National Student Survey
  • Supporting the ambitions of the City Region: through our research and improvements to our operations, we will achieve a net-zero carbon campus by 2035.

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