Education strategy


Our Education strategy vision is to support our students as they become creative and culturally rich graduates, with the capacity to find employment that will enable them to be agents for change in a connected world.

The Education strategy is focused on delivering outstanding, research-connected learning and teaching and a supportive student experience. We will provide opportunities for all our students, irrespective of background, to become highly employable and well-connected global citizens.

To achieve this we will develop a truly international curriculum, with a range of exciting provision for study abroad, and offer work placements and employment contacts that are unrivalled across UK higher education. As a result, our alumni will be employed in influential and rewarding roles that continuously support our contribution and influence across the globe.


What sets us apart now?

What can set us apart in the future?

A range of research-connected curricula with flexibility through our online programmes.

Taking a transformative approach to learning and teaching with a commitment to the continual development of our curricula to meet the needs of our students, employers and professional bodies.

Award-winning facilities and student accommodation.

Offering courses that blend together the best study and work opportunities that our network of partnerships can offer.

A peerless experience for our students which incorporates a sustained and serious commitment to their wellbeing.

A globally connected careers service with respected links to graduate employers and our alumni network.

A global network of partners and international study opportunities, including our unique partnership with XJTLU.

A fully integrated approach to using technology to enhance learning and support the development of confident, digitally adept graduates.

A commitment to fair access for all students who can benefit from a University of Liverpool education.


An outstanding Guild of Students offering effective representation and a wealth of social, cultural and volunteering opportunities.



What are our core priorities and objectives?

  • We will recruit a diverse student body and value the cultural and social richness this brings. Our University community will consist of the most talented students and staff from across the world
  • We will revitalise our curricula to create a distinctive offer, in partnership with students, whilst introducing new and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes informed by the needs of employers, particularly in our City Region
  • We will deliver stimulating teaching leading to the highest possible levels of student learning and satisfaction, investing in resources to support continuous innovation
  • We will create a vibrant and sustainable environment in which our staff and students can work, study and live and where their wellbeing is well supported
  • We will foster respect, tolerance, curiosity and mutual understanding, developing a staff and student community in which diversity and the open exchange and debate of ideas are cherished
  • We will expand the opportunities that we offer by building a global network of employer and study partnerships alongside support for entrepreneurship.


How will we achieve our objectives?

  • Extending our reach and impact nationally and internationally through the development of substantial programmes, partnerships and networks
  • Supporting new programme development, teaching, innovation and learning infrastructure that will stimulate innovation in curriculum design, teaching and exploiting the use of technology
  • Recruiting, rewarding and developing excellent educators who are able to connect their research to their teaching and to position student learning in the context of local, national and global challenges
  • Investing in our careers service to expand its scope and impact, ensuring positive outcomes for our students
  • Fostering a culture of student-staff partnership that drives innovation through engagement and co-creation.


How will we measure progress and know we have succeeded?

Our distinctive professionally focused postgraduate and research-connected undergraduate courses will attract a well-qualified and diverse student body from across the world.

As a result of enhanced engagement, our student satisfaction will be consistently in the top quartile in the sector. Our employer connections will be unrivalled across UK higher education, helping our students to secure the best graduate jobs worldwide.

The measure of success will be:

  • Student satisfaction: increasing the satisfaction of our students as measured by the National Student Survey and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey to a consistently upper quartile sector position by 2026
  • Graduate prospects: improving the number of graduates in graduate level employment in the UK or further study as measured by a top 20 position by 2026
  • Diversity: attracting and retaining a diverse student body across all disciplines as measured by ethnicity, UK/non-UK and low participation neighbourhoods
  • Opportunities: increasing the proportion of taught students (undergraduate, postgraduate taught) who undertake a work placement as part of their curriculum, internship, study abroad opportunity or volunteering experience, to the majority of our students.

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