Womens Rugby Union

Make your degree something to remember – have fun, get fit, make friends for life and be part of something really special. Women’s Rugby Union gives you the chance to do all this with weekly fixtures, spectacular socials and an incredible team spirit!

We welcome players from any level of skill – from playing at school or for a club to complete beginners. Many of our best players came to us never having touched a rugby ball before and our teams have gone from strength to strength over the last few years producing some fantastic results, and we are now one of the largest women's clubs in the North West.

We train on the state-of-the-art 3G training pitch at Wyncote Grounds twice a week, as well as first team members attending weekly strength and conditioning. As well as developing individual and collective skill and fitness, our sessions create a strong team spirit which we pride ourselves on. We are very fortunate to have dedicated coaches who have proved it is only those who are committed to the team who will represent us on the pitch! We also get huge support from the RFU as our numbers continue to grow every season.


Week in week out we play in BUCS 2A League where we travel and play university teams in the North West. As well as the league we compete in the BUCS Conference Cup, Sevens tournaments, local festivals and each year we compete in Varsity which we regularly win over JMU. Over the past few years we have had many strong results, with our 1st team winning the league and being promoted into 1A

We now have an established second team playing in Northern 3A and finishing 6th with the intention of improving this position next year.



Although rugby is our prime focus, the team’s social side is never to be overlooked! With regular nights out, wacky fancy dress, day trips, weekends away, annual dinners and an overseas tour, the social life which comes as a part of being on the team is, for many, one of the best things about their university experience.

Come and see us at Welcome fair, contact any of our committee or simply pop along to one of our training sessions at Wyncote. Come and give it a go, and make the most of your university experience.