Table Tennis

The University of Liverpool Table Tennis Club is an established club, made up of players of all abilities and various international backgrounds. Whether you want to play at a high level competitively, or just for fun, then we offer the environment and opportunity for both.

We are an ever expanding club, with currently 5 teams expanding to 6 this year competing in the BUCS leagues and various cup competitions - BUCS fixtures take place on Wednesday afternoons. As well as matches and training, we have an active social side to the club, which is a great way to meet new people, and get more involved in the club. This will give you both a great sporting and student experience.

Men’s team

We have 3 men's teams competing this year - our first team is currently in division 2A and narrowly missed out on promotion this year to get into the first division, and our second and third teams play in division 3A, with both teams giving a strong perfomance, but not quite enough for the second team to get promoted. This year we are aiming for the 1st and 2nd teams to get promoted with help from our award nominated coach, and for the 3rd team to improve on their position from last year.

Woman’s team

Historically our women's teams has been extremely successful, with our 2nd team reaching the semifinal of the Northern Conference Cup, and our 1st team competing in the 1A division. Unfortunately the women's 1st team got demoted this year, but we will be working hard to get them back where they deserve to be, as well as making sure the 2nd team makes as strong showing as well in division 2A.


As well as the events put on by the AU, we are greatly expanding our social program with a wide variety of biweekly events, as well as cross-club competition with badminton, tennis and squash. We are one of the most diverse clubs within the AU, so we are a great oppurtunity to learn about and experience other cultures, and make international friends for life. The committee is always looking for input and suggestions on how to make the club experience better, so you can be sure your voice will be listened to if you have something to say!

Contact us

We are looking forward to continuing our success from last season. If you are interested in joining, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us.

All contact information can be found in the contacts box, we hope to hear from you.