The University of Liverpool Swimming Club consists of swimmers of a mixed ability, ranging from national swimmers to swimmers who have competed for their school or local club.

Last year the swimming team won Varsity against Liverpool John Moores.

Being top of division 2 this year in the Northern University League, we hope to be promoted to division one this year. We have started organising trips away for the team which proved a success this year and we plan for more in the future!


Our swimming club welcomes a large variety of swimmers from top athletes to those who wish to train to increase their fitness or as part of triathlon/water polo training. We offer 3 training sessions a week of which most are coached. Our training schedules offer a wide variety of training including sprints, distance, resistance, tapering, technique work and starts & turns. Swimmers who are selected to compete in BUCS events will be invited to train at Liverpool’s new 50m swimming pool near the competitions.
We also offer land training once a week to all our swimmers to enhance strength and agility fitness in the pool which is based round different circuits or sets. Strength and conditioning has recently been included in our training once a week adding to performance in the pool.


Our main competitions throughout the year are the short course & long course individual BUCS championships, the BUCS team championships and the Christie Cup. We also enter the Varsity cup and other friendly competitions throughout the year. Swimmers will be selected based on performance at previous competitions, performance at training and attendance at events.


In addition to attending the AU night held once a month, we will also have a welcoming party for all new members to get to meet each other and the current members. We aim to organise a trip away with the club and at the end of the first term, we have our Christmas meal. Further socials out in town and in will be organised too throughout the year! We are a very friendly team as a whole!

Fancy coming?

If you would like to come down to a training session to try it out, contact us we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!