Livsurf is the club to join if you’re looking for an exciting, non-competitive club with great socials, foreign trips and a chance to try something completely new. We run fortnightly trips to Cornwall and Wales and three times a year go searching for sunnier pastures, normally Portugal, Morocco and France.

Livsurf is completely welcoming to all abilities. We’ll have you whether you’ve been surfing since you were fin-high to a mini-mal, or never set foot on a board in your life.

From September we run trips away to surf spots. Newquay is our favourite destination and on a Friday night we pile into minibuses to the seaside town, where the semi-tropical paradise of Cornwall awaits us. A full day of surfing on Saturday is followed by a night out in Newquay’s bars. Sunday morning offers the opportunity of a recovery surf, before heading back to Liverpool in the afternoon. Every trip is a great chance to get away from the city, and for the cost of a big night out in Concert Square, you are provided with transport, accommodation, full kit, and a day’s teaching so if you’re a beginner don’t fret, we cater for everyone!

As well as the big trips to Newquay, if the surf’s up we also offer smaller day trips to spots in North Wales and Scarborough, so if you’re ready to brave the cold, we can surf all year round.

If you don’t think a full wetsuit and hood in the middle of February is your cup of tea, we also run 2-3 foreign trips a year. 2014/2015 delivered Morocco in December, an Easter trip to Portugal, and the south of France in the summer. These trips always incorporate professional coaching, as well as an amazing trip in the sun with all your friends.

For the more experienced surfers there is the option to compete in the BUCS competition in October, and no matter what ability it is a fantastic weekend for the whole club.

Socials run throughout the whole year, with the traditional fancy dress AU nights accompanied by surf movie nights in and meals at the end of each term. If you have any queries about the club at all, do not hesitate to contact Nick. We hope to see you in the 2016/2017 year!