Sub Aqua

Liverpool University Sub-Aqua Club is a Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club based at the University of Liverpool. We dive both in the UK and abroad and are actively involved in training from beginner to instructor level.

We operate two rigid inflatable boats and have a full calendar of dive trips and social events.

Our members are mostly current students and staff of the University. If you are interested in joining us please come and see us at Freshers Fair, contact us or find more information on our website: 


group photo


Octopush is a fast-paced aerobic game of hockey UNDERWATER. Two teams of 6 compete to push a 1.2kg puck into the opponent’s goal using short handheld sticks. Octopush is open to anybody of any ability. We compete in both national and student tournaments around the UK. We are a friendly, welcoming club so If you are looking for a new sport to play, come and give Octopush a go.