Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning club

Strength & Conditioning Club

The University of Liverpool Strength & Conditioning Club is dedicated to the pursuit of health, fitness and performance excellence; regardless of your sport/training background. The principal aim of the club is increasing the overall athletic performance of any individual. This is achieved through the provision of regular training sessions throughout the week during term, with each on focusing on a specific discipline of training. All training sessions are lead and conducted under the supervision of qualified S&C coaches and personal trainers.  Training sessions are held in either our dedicated on-campus Strength & Conditioning suite (located at Vine Court) or within the University Sports & Fitness Centre.

Strength and conditioning club


Your goals are our goals!

New to fitness? Aspiring athlete new to S&C? Seasoned performance team? No matter your background - our dedicated team of coaches are absolutely committed to helping all members, regardless of experience; achieve their fitness and performance goals. All of our coaches and many of our members have a diverse range of sports and training discipline knowledge for you to access in your journey to becoming a better student of sport and fitness. During your time at S&C Club you’re guaranteed to find people who can assist you with your training ambitions – whether that’s an experienced coach who can push you to your limits (and beyond!), or somebody to hit the gym with a couple of times a week.

Strength and conditioning club



Events, Socials and Club Life

Like many of our sports clubs within the university AU – we want to offer a sense of real social community within our club environment for all our members. We’re very big on the whole “Train hard, play hard” school of thinking – offering plenty of diversity among our social events. With this in mind our social event calendar is laid out in order to cater to a respectable variety of social events. Whether that’s getting involved in the massive AU nights or having a meal we’re fully for a wide variety of social activities outside of the training environment.


Strength and conditioning club social




The core culture of S&C club is that we learn, train, grow and achieve, together. Sharing the knowledge gained from our training achievements with the members of our club – creating a unified body of training expertise throughout the club and ultimately, the University AU. So if you’ve been training for years and have clearly defined goals already or are looking for some direction in your fitness journey; come along to our taster sessions in September. You can also get in touch with a committee member, follow us on social media and join our Facebook group.


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