Sky Diving


 With the Liverpool University Skydiving Club you can learn how to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane! Or if you’re already in the sport, you’ll find a group of like-minded Skydivers to jump and socialise with!

The idea of jumping out of a plane from up to 15000ft for fun is a bizarre concept for some people, but once you've tried it you'll never be able to stop looking at the skies thinking when you can next get yourself up there. 


There is a wide variety of skill levels in the club, however, you don't need to be an expert to join; everyone starts somewhere! For our new members, this is normally a RAPS course (Ram Air Progression System), where with training from the fantastic instructors at Skydive Northwest, you'll gradually build up the altitude you jump from, starting at 3500ft and working all the way up to 15000ft, learning different manoeuvres in the air as you progress. You'll also be jumping out of one of the best purpose-built skydiving planes in the country over the beautiful scenery of the Lake District. We often provide trips to the wind tunnel in Manchester to further perfect your free-fall skills, without having to wait around for the good weather!

Achieving your skydiving licence is no small feat. It requires perseverance and dedication, but it is worth every single second. 


For the competitive aspects, skydiving has its very own national student body for competition - the British Collegiate Parachute Association, or 'BCPA'. It brings together Skydivers from universities all across the country. Liverpool University Skydiving Club has competed in the Competitions, Achievements and Attendance league. The BCPA also has some epic socials!


Join us for regular socials in Liverpool, good times at the drop zone, and the opportunity to meet Skydivers from all over the country. We have a strong relationship with both Manchester and Edinburgh University's skydiving clubs, who join us at Skydive North West. You can expect to get to know many members from both, as well as many more people at the various BCPA events throughout the year.