Liverpool University Sailing Club focus on team racing and beginner training. We train at West Kirby Sailing Club, which is world renowned for its international team racing. We are a friendly club which take pride in encouraging sailing at every level. So whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced racer, there is something for everybody!

We own 6 of our own Fireflies which are double handed boats used mainly for team racing. Training is on Wednesdays and Saturdays at West Kirby and we offer a steady transition from fleet racing to team racing if you aren’t an experienced team racer yet. We travel on events away all over the north, and our main aim of the year is to qualify and achieve a high position in the rankings. There are crewing and helming opportunities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t sailed before though, as we offer high quality training for beginners which make sailing fun and enjoyable! You can meet lots of like-minded people and have a fun day out at West Kirby with your sailing friends as well as learning a lot. Training is on Saturdays and is a great chance to learn something new, gain official RYA qualifications such as being a powerboat driver and also receive top quality coaching.

Yacht racing is available to do on Sundays down at Liverpool Docks. Here you can try out some yachting and be put in teams to crew in the Sunday races.

Sailing is such a friendly, unique and enjoyable sport where there are many opportunities for everyone!

If you have any further question please contact our vice commodore with the email above