Pool and Snooker

The University of Liverpool Pool and Snooker Club (ULPSC) is a fairly new club but an ever expanding one. Players of all abilities are welcome to join whether you’ve never played before or play every week, everyone is welcome.

The club offers a range of different cue sports for you to try such as English 8-Ball Pool, American 9-Ball Pool and Snooker. Whatever cue sport you play, there will always be others happy to play with you which shows the great diversity within the club.

English 8 Ball Pool

English 8-Ball Pool is our most popular cue sport and we regularly play at Riley’s Sports Bar. There are multiple chances to represent the University in tournaments all around the country including the BUCS 8-Ball Pool Championships held in Great Yarmouth. Alongside BUCS, there are many local tournaments where you can represent the University in a team and individually. With varying rule sets used, from World to Blackball, there is plenty of variation for all of our players.

American 9 Ball Pool

American 9-Ball Pool is another popular cue sport we play and we encourage variations such as 10-Ball Crash and straight pool. Similar to English 8-Ball Pool we regularly play at Riley’s Sports Bar. There is also a chance to represent the University at the 9-Ball Pool Championships held in Telford.




Snooker is a cue sport quickly gaining in popularity within the club and is an extremely competitive yet social sport. There are tables available at Riley’s Sports Bar, however we prefer to practice Snooker at The George Scott Snooker Club (Scotties) which is only a short bus ride away. This is a great venue with fantastic tables and a great atmosphere. Once again, there is a chance to represent the University at the BUCS Snooker championships which are held in Leeds.


Christie Cup

The Christie Cup is a competition between ourselves, the University of Manchester and the University o f Leeds once a year. In 2017, this will be held in Leeds. It is a great competition with a healthy rivalry and offers an excellent atmosphere. We won the Pool leg of the Christie Cup last year and with new recruits we hope to retain the trophy in 2017. The Christie Cup provides matches of English 8-Ball Pool and American 9-Ball Pool, testing players in both cue sport disciplines.


Social Pool & Snooker

Being part of the AU, the club boasts a great social side. There are monthly AU social nights along with our very own club socials which will involve various fun nights throughout the year. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come along to any of our socials.

Remember that the club caters for all ability levels so please come down and join us for some fun. Whether you haven’t played before and want to give it a go or you play to a very high standard, all abilities are welcomed.

Our sessions take place on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons at Riley’s Sports Bar, which is only a short walk from University Square. These sessions run weekly and students are welcome to join any of these sessions throughout the year.