Welcome to the University of Liverpool Netball Club.

Netball is one of the largest clubs in the AU. And consists of two parts – a competitive squad and a participation league (campus- see below). As a club, we aim to cater for a range of abilities and most importantly provide an enjoyable and friendly environment for everyone involved. We are a highly successful club within the AU and boast one of the largest memberships.

The competitive squad is made up of 5 teams. All teams will compete in the BUCS Northern West league for the 2017-18 netball season, with the 1sts in 1A, 2nds and 3rds in 3A and 4ths and 5ths in 4A and 5A, respectively. Our 1st team has been chosen as a performance team for the third year running and the added benefits of this such as a strength and conditioning will help us to compete at the top and push for promotion!

Alongside this, we compete in a BUCS Cup league which sees a knockout process. In the last few years, we have had a number of promotions and therefore we hope to build on these successes in the forthcoming season. We also compete in Varsity and Christie Cup competitions. Our varsity is taken very seriously against John Moores, and having defeated them these past few years, we will be looking to replicate this next year. Christie Cup brings Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds universities together in a day of sport. Next year Liverpool will be hosting so we look to achieving all-round wins. We want to continue to push the club to achieve further successes by creating bigger squads, and to help build on the club’s reputation both on and off the court.


Pre-season is a big part of the Netball club and will be hosted between Monday 4th and Sunday 17th September. Pre-season will involve a range of different elements, including fitness, strength and conditioning, ball skills and match play, and aims to provide a solid foundation for the season that follows. We recommend to those looking to play 2nd team or higher but all are welcome. If interested, please contact Kirsty Harry (details to the right).


Training throughout the season will take place at the University of Liverpool Sports Centre, on Tuesdays (split sessions) from 6-10pm, and also Thursdays from 6.15-8.15pm.  We also host Strength and conditioning sessions on Mondays and Fridays and court fitness from 8-9am on a Tuesday morning. During the season, matches will take place on Wednesdays, both home and away.


As a club, we believe socials are a vital part for the girls, to help everyone integrate and get to know each other regardless of what team or league they play in. We aim to hold a social every Wednesday after matches and once a month we take part in AU fancy dress nights. These nights are known to be the best in the university social calendar and are a bonus to being part of a sports club. In addition to this are a number of other events such as a Welcome to netball meal, a Christmas Party and an awards ceremony at the end of the season to congratulate teams, and show praise to players that have been outstanding and committed to the club that year.

Membership to join the club is £35.00 per member and a compulsory gym membership is also required for the year.

Any questions regarding any club matter, please feel free to contact club president Rebecca Mack but please note that during summer (23rd June-1st September) she is abroad volunteering and may not be able to respond, therefore any questions should be addressed to Vice President Kirsty Harry. See aside for contact details.

Campus (participation league)

Campus Netball is a competition run internally by the University of Liverpool, in which both students and staff can participate. This is affiliated with the Back 2 Netball programme. It is open to everyone, of all abilities and we welcome newcomers to Netball in this league.  Matches are played weekly throughout the winter and spring term, finishing with an awards evening in the summer term.


Campus Netball Application Form