Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to joining the greatest sport on the planet!

What is it?

Lacrosse is known as one of the fastest games on two feet, making it one of the most exciting team games around. Invented by the native Indians to train for war, it is a quick and easy game to pick up, with many people playing it for the first time at university; it requires a mixture of speed, strength, skill, stamina and lots of enthusiasm.

University of Liverpool Lacrosse

Men and Women

Since the club was established in 2004 it has gone from strength to strength and has grown from its small roots into one of the biggest sports clubs at the university. Its popularity is due to its physical and fast-paced nature intertwined with clever stick skills, as well as that we are known for our friendly and welcoming nature, with arguably the best socials around.

We currently have two women’s teams and one men’s team, though this year we are looking to add an additional women’s development squad due to the huge demand from beginners who want to get involved. 

Our women's 1st team are set to compete in the northern league 1A again this year after remaining unbeaten last season in the league, as well as winning the BUCS Northern Conference Cup.

Lacrosse playing

Our women's 2nd team provides a great platform for freshers, beginners and seniors to get game time and become part of a competitive, though relatively relaxed, team.‌ Our women’s 2nd team are also striving for a promotion this year,

Our men's 1st team have had tremendous success in recent years having finished second in the last two seasons and won the BUCS Northern Conference Cup the year before last. They offer a great experience for beginners to play alongside seasoned players and are looking forward to another successful season this year, hoping to finish top and earn a promotion into the 1A league.

We also offer friendlies and tournaments throughout the season for beginners and non-team players. As well as organising the country’s biggest charity mixed lacrosse tournament where Liverpool becomes host to clubs and teams from across the country with a big social at night. The University of Liverpool Lacrosse club has a thriving social side and all members are welcomed along to enjoy some of the biggest social events at the University of Liverpool!

Why choose us?

If it’s competition you seek: All our teams compete in very competitive games, not only in the BUCS League, but also in Varsity, Christie cup, and the BUCS League cup.

If it’s Fitness you seek: We train twice a week and play matches on Wednesdays, we have extra fitness sessions during the week, and in this coming year we are looking to start Strength and Conditioning sessions, through Sport Liverpool, at their newly founded Strength and Conditioning gym on campus.

If it’s Socialising you seek: Join the largest growing club at university and get involved in some of the biggest and best socials that can be found in Liverpool, meeting new people couldn’t be easier as we boast a friendly and welcoming environment; just ask any previous freshers. Monthly AU nights, involving all the other clubs of Sport Liverpool, provide the perfect excuse to get dressed up and have a brilliant night out. There are also loads of other things that are organised by the social committee including: Christmas Celebrations, End of Year Ball, as well as Tour, which many would say is one of the best weeks of their lives.


 The most important thing is that we want and need you, nothing is required as a pre-requisite, we just want to see the growth of the club and the sport by integrating new and enthusiastic people! Feel free to visit our stall in the sports hall at freshers fair to meet some members, have a chat, and even have a throw around.