There are plenty of opportunities to play hockey whilst you are at University. Male, female, mixed, all on a newly laid Astroturf, with a wide selection to suit your needs.

The Hockey club is one of the oldest, largest and most sociable sports clubs in the University of Liverpool. Which this year is headed by Tom Goldstraw, whilst Glen Thompson will lead the men's section and Jaz Barlow for the women's teams.

The men’s side of the club currently consists of three Wednesday teams competing in the BUCS University leagues and two Saturday teams competing in the regional North West Hockey leagues. All teams compete in highly competitive leagues and wish to bounce back strongly from the pandemic after a year without playing.

Hockey mens team

In terms of BUCS, the 1st XI will be competing as a performance squad in Northern 1A. This year the league is llooking highly competitive, leading the 1st XI to set their aspirations high for the coming season. Meanwhile the 2nd XI following promotion will play in the equally competitive Northern 2A. The 3rd XI play in Northern 4A, a league in which they are always a tough opponent to face.

With regards to our Saturday teams, the 1st XI play every week in the newly formed North West Division 1. In which they play in a very tight league against teams based in Liverpool and across the North-West. The 2nd XI are in the newly formed Division 4 West, a league which includes many teams that were in the same division as the 2s when the team achieved promotion two years ago.

The Ladies section consists of four Wednesday teams competing in BUCS as well as two Saturday teams competing in regional leagues. In BUCS, the 1s as a performance team, are playing in Premier North where they face some of the best university teams from around the country. The 2s compete in Northern 2A, the 3s in Northern 4A, and the 4s in Northern Tier 5 which is expecially competitive as it has three more teams than the conventional BUCS league. However, all three teams expect to compete at the top of each league, with a very high promotion chance.

Hockey womens team

The Ladies Saturday 1st XI compete in the newly formed North West Division 1 following promotion, and the 2nd XI play in North West Division 4 West. For the 2s promotion is extremely realistic having been placed against teams they easily beat in friendlies last season with the leagues now being re-structured.

As performance teams, both the men's and women's 1st teams receive extra support each week such as strength and conditioning and extra coaching. The club feels that this is essential for the team's to return competitively after a year without playing as both teams are in leagues with very high standards. Regular training still occurs twice a week for all members of the club and we value all players equally regardless of what team they play for, with many players being close friends across the teams.

The mens and ladies side of the club ultimately make up the ‘University of Liverpool Hockey Club’. The club is exceptionally welcoming and one of the most sociable in the university. With the stresses of studies the club can be used as a break, particular when Wednesday afternoon's are devoted entirely to BUCS fixtures. Moreover, it is fantastic for new students to meet other first years and the senior students of the university. The club holds many social events throughout the year, most notably with our annual charity bingo.

Our abilities range from those who have never played before to those who represent the country at national level.

Pre-season for the club this year begins on the 6th September consisting of training, friendly matches and post-game socials. If you have an interest in the club and would like to join us do not hesitate to use the contacts provided on this page. Please get in touch as early as possible if you would like to be involved. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions though, and please come and find us at the Welcome Fair in the Sports Hall on Thursday 23rd September and Friday 24th September in Welcome Week.

Hopefully see you soon.