There are plenty of opportunities to play hockey whilst you are at University. Male, female, mixed, all on Astroturf, we have a wide selection to suit your needs.

The Hockey club is one of the oldest and largest sports clubs in the Athletic Union of The University of Liverpool and we are heavily steeped in tradition. This year the club will be headed by Josh Evans, while Ed Mundy will be in charge of the Mens section and Alex Malone the Ladies section.

The men’s side of the club currently consists of three Wednesday teams competing in BUCS and two Saturday teams competing in regional leagues. All teams compete in highly competitive leagues and this season has been a successful one for all involved. 

Hockey mens team

In terms of BUCS, the 1st XI will be competing in Northern 1A. This year it is looking highly competitive leading the 1st XI to set their aspirations high for the coming season. Meanwhile the 2nd XI will remain in Northern 3A and the 3rd XI in Northern 4A. Both will be setting their sights on promotion having narrowly missed out in the past couple of years.

With regards to our Saturday teams, the 1st XI play every week in the North Hockey West Div2. They will be setting realistic aims of promotion. The 2nd XI, following their promotion winning season, feature in the North Hockey Div1 North.

The Ladies section consists of four Wednesday teams competing in BUCS and two Saturday teams both competing in regional leagues. All teams complete in leagues of a high standard, with the 4s achieving promotion last season. It is realistic for the other teams to aim for promotion this year. In the BUCS tables the 1s are playing in Northern 1A, the 2s in Northern 2A, the 3s in Northern 4A and following promotion last season 4s are now also in Northern 4A.

Hockey womens team

Our ladies 1s have been chosen once again as a performance team for the 19/20 season and therefore will be committed to their ambitious aims of reaching promotion from 1A, and will receive extra support such as weekly strength and conditioning to help with this. After finishing in the top three last season promotion is realistic for 19/20.

The mens and ladies side of the club ultimately make up the ‘University of Liverpool Hockey Club’. The club is exceptionally welcoming and is very sociable. With the rigours of University studies the club can offer a welcome break.

Our abilities range from those who have never played before to those who represent the country at national level.

Pre-season for the club this year begins on the 9th September. If you have an interest in the club and would like to join us do not hesitate to use the contacts provided on this page. Please get in touch as early as possible if you would like to be involved. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions though, and please come and find us at the Welcome Fair on Thursday 19th September and Friday 20th September of Welcome Week.