Gaelic Football

The University Of Liverpool GAC was formed 2008. The UOL GAC started with both Men’s and Ladies Gaelic Football teams, and in 2009 the club introduced a Hurling team. The club also offers Camogie in the form of a joint team with Hope/John Moores Universities.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the club, whether you've played before or not.

The Men's Gaelic team currently plays in the Pennines League in the Division 1 section, which consists of the top teams from the North-West and North-East of England. Each Year the Men’s team has competed in the British University’s GAA B Championship.

The Ladies team takes part in the Pennines ladies league, which again consists of the top teams from the North-East and North-West of England. The ladies team currently competes in the British University’s GAA A Championship.

Both the Men’s and Ladies league starts in the first week of October and usually finishes around Christmas while the championships take place over a few weekends in either February or March.

There are currently no British University’s GAA Hurling or Camogie leagues. But there is a championship for both Hurling and Camogie, which usually takes place over a weekend in November.

Apart from the leagues and championships there are many other competitions that our teams play in, for example 7’s competitions for Hurling, Camogie, Men’s & Ladies football, Railway cup, British University All Star Awards and the International Hurling/Camogie versus Shinty University’s game.

As well as taking part in these competitions we also have fundraiser nights and many nights out in Liverpool as a club. So whether you’re in it for the sport or just for the craic, give us a shout on our contact details and get involved.