Cricket, first played in the 16th Century, is the second biggest sport worldwide. Behind football, the national sport of England has developed across the world with an estimated 25% of the global population having played or watched the ‘bat and ball’ sport. Cricket is played in a variety of forms - Test, One Day and the more recently popular 20/20 form. The rivalry between England and Australia is legendary in cricket with ‘The Ashes’ often described as one of the biggest contests in sport.

Here, at Liverpool University Cricket Club, our local rivalries are no different! Local varsity matches against LJMU as well as Christie Cup contests against Manchester and Leeds 1st XI’s are only a few of the highlights of our cricketing calendar. We play 50 over games on Wednesday afternoons at a highly competitive level in the British University and College Sports leagues (BUCS), and last season we were unbeaten in all competitive matches.‌

The Men’s club currently has 3 teams competing at all levels of BUCS completion. The club trains throughout the whole of winter and early spring at St Margaret’s Sports Centre (Aigburth). We are fortunate to be able to offer a high level of coaching, guaranteed to include extremely well delivered sessions whilst St Marg’s provide some of the best indoor facilities in the region.

LUCC are very fortunate to be heavily associated with nearby Sefton Park CC. Sefton welcome us to every aspect of their club. Jan, Dave and Rob (at Sefton) really do take every member under their wing. From excellent cricket wickets (and the best teas in the league) to whole club summer BBQ’s, we at LUCC can guarantee a high level of cricket with an equally high level of enjoyment.

With a tour to Barbados organised and open to all new comers for June 2018, building on our previous two tours to Barbados and tour to Australia over the past five years, LUCC is a perfect way to see the world with close friends. Meeting Chris Gayle and the whole New Zealand test squad on our last tour to Barbados is just one example the many unforgettable moments to be experienced at this club.


The social side at the University of Liverpool and in particular LUCC is not to be missed; Monthly AU nights are legendary! Don’t forget to put the Christmas and End of Year Ball in your diary. Expect pub cricket, Alton Towers as well as joint socials with other AU teams. Don’t miss out and we hope to see you at Freshers Fair!