Hi and thank you for checking out the Liverpool Foxes Cheerleading and Dance Squad!

The Foxes are a collective of 5 teams; 4 competitive and 1 non-competitive, offering a wide variety of styles and disciplines to suit all abilities. We as Foxes pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive club regardless of experience. As one of the universities largest societies, we can assure you that you time as a Fox will be an incredible experience and will play such a large role in your university experience! The 2021/22 season will be our 16th year as a club and we can’t wait for you to join and become part of our outstanding legacy!

After not being able to train last year, we have a lot of making up for lost time to do so in true cheer style, we say BRING IT ON! We can’t wait to get back to training, winning and partying just as hard as we used to, and of course you can count on us to bring the sass!

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The Sport

Cheerleading originated in the 1800s as a way to cheer on sports teams with high energy chants and strong hand gestures. The, only males were allowed to participate. The 1980s saw cheerleading begin to develop into All-Star cheerleading as we now know it; a hugely competitive sport with teams of girls and boys performing complex and risky routines. Teams have 2-3 minutes to perform with each routine consisting of jumps, dance, tumbling and for cheer routines, stunts. It is an intense, exciting sport that requires strength, stamina, enthusiasm and most importantly commitment. 

Our University Teams

We practice and perfect our title-winning routines throughout the academic year, all whilst improving fitness, flexibility, strength and team spirit. Our teams require great dedication and commitment, especially as competition season comes around. Foxes aim to compete in 2-3 national competitions each year, as well as a whole society showcase, special performances at the Guild and providing support for the Liverpool Raptors American Football team. 

Diamond - Level 2 Cheerleading: Expect energetic dance moves, tight tumbles (including back handspring and front handspring as their hardest tumbling pass), jumps and different stunt sections including the all-important pyramid. Diamond has brought great success for Liverpool as a sporting competitor, particularly in their last season, placing in the top 3 at all three comps – an incredible achievement! 

Sapphire - Level 1 Cheerleading: In a level 1 team’s performance you can expect to see dance, tumbling (including back walkover and front walkover as their hardest tumbling pass), jumps and different stunt sections including a pyramid. In 2018, our level 1 team won 1st place at Future Cheer University Nationals and 2nd at ICC University Nationals; the team continued this winning streak through 2019 and 2020, even amidst the outbreak of the pandemic. The team is a real force to be reckoned with yet a joy to be a member of.

Ruby - Pom Team: Pom poms at the ready! A performance from Ruby showcases complex and fast-tempo dance skills such as fouettes, jumps, tumbles and of course the traditional cheerleading pom-poms! Ruby is an incredible team that represents our club not only at national competitions but at both the Christie Cup and Varsity. In 2018, Ruby placed 1st in the Christie Cup, helping Liverpool bring home the sought-after title. 2019-2020 saw Ruby continue this success, placing at every single competition. 

Pearl - Jazz Team: Within cheerleading, jazz teams compete and also perform in sports teams’ half-time shows. In a jazz performance you can expect perfectly executed dance skills including fouettes, pirouettes, leaps, lifts and intricate movements. Pearl has enjoyed tremendous success, achieving 1st place at ICC University Nationals every year since 2014. If you’re looking to push yourself and reap the rewards, Pearl is the team for you.

Topaz - Non-competitive Cheerleading: This team is the epitome of traditional cheerleading! You’ll be left smiling after seeing one of Topaz’ routines. Packed plenty with enthusiasm, cheering on the American Football team (The Raptors) every Sunday at their matches. Topaz learn chants, dances and basic stunts to perform at the half-time show. A well valued team in and out of the club, Topaz stands as a development team with the opportunity for its members to learn new tumbles, develop their strength and stamina to go on to perform higher level stunts and tricks. The team of 40-50 trains once a week and is perfect for beginners to the sport. 

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Off the mat events and socials

In addition to our training, the Foxes know the importance of giving back and working hard for good causes that we believe in. Last season, although we couldn’t meet to train, the Foxes collectively raised over £3500 for charities through sponsored challenges.

We pride ourselves not only on our dedication to the sport and impressive results, but also the club’s legendary social side. With an International tour at Easter, whole society Christmas meals, summer events and a generally action packed social calendar, Cheerleading and Dance at the University of Liverpool is a perfect example of ‘work hard, play hard’. With socials running every two weeks throughout the academic year and monthly Athletics Union socials with our fellow sporting societies within Sport Liverpool, you can be sure to make some great friends and memories with us!

We really hope that you’ll consider joining us as a Fox in Liverpool; it will take commitment and hard work, but we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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If you are interested in joining our club and wish to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on one of our social media platforms, or drop one of us a message!

Foxy love,

2021/2022 Foxes x


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