Cheerleading is an intense, exciting sport for both sexes that requires strength, stamina, enthusiasm and most importantly commitment. Liverpool Foxes prides itself on being a friendly and accommodating club that is open to all students regardless of experience.

The Liverpool Foxes Cheer squads have enjoyed outstanding success over the years. In 2017 our Level two team placed 4th at the BCA University Nationals, and previously our Level Two Cheerleading squad have taken home a 2nd place trophy in 2016 and our Level 1 squad the 1st place trophy making them Level 1 University National Champions. If you have never been to a cheerleading competition before or seen our sport in action we have just 2-3 minutes to perform a routine in front of a panel of judges and other university squads across the UK, consisting of jumps, dance, tumbling and stunts, which we practice and perfect throughout the year. The skills we rehearse improve fitness, flexibility, strength and team spirit.

Foxes are not only about the cheer; we have five coaches dedicated to our jazz, pom-dance and hip-hop squads, who are all passionate competitors at a national level too.

These teams too have enjoyed tremendous success with Jazz achieving 2nd place at Future Cheer and 4that BCA University Nationals in 2017. For three years running the Liverpool Foxes Jazz team have taken home the title of National Champions at BCA University Nationals (2014, 2015 and 2016).‌

Our Pom squad have come 6th in both 2015, 2016 and 2017 and our Hip Hop squad achieved 8th place at the 2016 BCA University Nationals. 

We pride ourselves not only on our dedication to the sport and impressive results, but also the club’s fantastic social side. With an international tour at Easter, large Christmas and summer events and a packed social calendar, you can be sure to make some great friends and memories with us!‌

We hope that you’ll consider joining Foxes as a sporting option at Liverpool; it will take commitment and hard work, but we can guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time and make friends for life.

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