The University of Liverpool Boxing Club is a large and experienced Amateur Boxing club that trains at a professional boxing gym and produces award winning boxers. With a strong male and female membership, the club is highly diverse, concentrating on the technical side of the sport with the addition of a more cardio based workout for those looking to simply get fit and tone up.


Emphasis is put upon team work: although boxing is a primarily singular sport, we train as team to help members improve, engage with others and motivate one another. Our weekly nights out and commitment to participating in every AU event helps us bond as a group, get to know one another and create a real team spirit. As a team we are inclusive and respect one another, as well as pushing one another to move forward and train harder to reach our full potential.

Liverpool has a strong boxing culture; the city was the most represented at the 2012 Olympics in boxing and is home of the current IBF World Bantamweight Champion, Paul Butler, with trainers at our gym being significantly involved in his bout preparations. A recent win at BUCS (Gold medal - Male 2-10 under 81kg) further demonstrates the talent that the club produces and intends to carry on producing in the future. The Club hosts an open competition against other Universities towards the end of the uni year and plan to build this into a tradition. Along with this open invitational competition we will also be holding a varsity competition against Liverpool John Moores Uni.

We train primarily on 2 days a week, with additional classes running throughout the week for those looking to compete. We organise and participate in many events, notably a Boxing Show, in which we competed with many other Universities and local talents. Our sessions take place at No Limits Gym, which has a high quality of skilled trainers, many of whom have had experience in the sport. They are highly qualified and are known for producing great improvements in fitness, strength and technique.

LUABC is open to all level boxers, male or female, from those who have never boxed before to those who wish to fight and represent the university. Our mixture of workouts and acceptance of beginners ensures that you will get the most out of the sessions, which we tailor to the members. Whether looking to compete or trying to improve fitness, the club looks to provide ways both needs can be satisfied. Contact us via our facebook page or message a committee member for more information.