Athletics and Cross Country

The Athletics and Cross-country club welcomes athletes of all abilities and disciplines to enjoy training, competing and socialising in a friendly social atmosphere.‌



Joining the Athletics and Cross Country is a great way to meet new people, as well as improving fitness and taking part in a number of competitive events throughout the year. Athletics training takes place at Wavertree Athletics Track and welcomes a range of athletes with different events.

Athletics training nights:

Track and Throwing: Tuesday and Thursday 6:15-7:30 (a £2 entry fee applies for these sessions). Further training depends on the coach and trials will take place following Welcome Week.

Jumpers: Wednesday 6pm and Sunday 10am. (£3.50 per session). Sessions depend on the time of year and competitions.

Cross Country training is suitable for runners of all abilities and aims to improve the fitness of all members to compete in races across the country. Training begins at Asda on Smithdown Road (accessible by bus/bike for students living both on-and off-campus) and the routes go all around Liverpool. A number of members also take part in a timed Park run on Saturday morning’s at Princes Park which is a great way to track your progress.

Cross Country training nights:

            Tuesday (interval/hill training): 6pm

            Thursday (long run): 6pm

As well as this, members from both Athletics and Cross Country can attend a circuit’s class at Wavertree Athletics Track which takes place on a Monday evening.


Our main competitions throughout the year are the BUCS, for the track there is an indoor and outdoor event in the summer, and the cross country BUCS takes place in winter.

In 2012, the BUCS was held at the Olympic Stadium in London, used as a warm up for the actual Olympics! Competing in these high quality athletic events certainly provides great opportunities and experiences. There are also many low key competitions throughout the year in both track and XC that anyone can enter. 


It’s not all about the training, we also have some great social nights!! The AU holds monthly events for all sports clubs which is a great way to meet new people and dress up in some crazy outfits. As well as this, the Athletics and Cross Country club hosts weekly social nights for all members to meet up together. The Cross Country races include a trip to Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester, which are all great fun!

Further Information

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