Whether you thrive on physical activity, or prefer a more relaxed and social sport, Archery can offer you this and more.

It's a fantastic way to develop personal skills, participate in competitions and develop a real sense of individual accomplishment. In the previous academic years, the club has undergone major expansion and can now boast at being one of the biggest sports clubs in the university.

‌There are typically two training sessions a week, one on a Thursday evening and the other on a Saturday afternoon. Both are held within the University Sports Centre on campus during the winter months, and at the Wyncote site during the summer. The club provides equipment for members, as well as free tuition and guidance from experienced Archery GB qualified coaches. Entry to the Sports Centre is free, provided that you have a sports centre membership, or at a small fee if you do not.

As well as organising training sessions, the club aims to be social and arranges an interesting and diverse array of activities. After training, we often progress to the local pub for food and drinks; presenting the perfect opportunity to mingle, relax and have fun. Often we like to do the same in other cities after competitions, allowing us to experience different places and make friends from other universities after a hard day of competing.

Archery Social

We aim to provide something for everyone; whether it's showing off your culinary expertise at our infamous ‘bring a dish night,' or organising cinema visits, bowling, theme park excursions, BBQ’s, pub crawls and even having the occasional snowball fight - weather permitting!

Club competitions usually occur on a Saturday, but those not wishing to participate can still attend the usual training session. Competitions are open to all members and provide an excellent opportunity to travel around the country to meet, compete and socialise with new people from other Universities.

For most of the year, we compete with other teams in the North England University Archery League. This can mean a few long day-trips out, but transport is provided and we always get back at a reasonable time. These trips have always been something to look forward to, as they offer a healthy and enjoyable split between competing and socialising.

Competitions are split into both Novice and Experienced categories, meaning you will only ever be expected to perform against people of the same skill level as yourself. Archery is both challenging and rewarding. For those of you wishing to push yourselves even harder, upgrading from a lower poundage club bow to your own higher poundage bow is always an easy and satisfying option.

Archery NUTC

During the summer months the emphasis shifts from indoor training and competitions, to outdoor target archery. So not only will you get to participate in something you really enjoy, you can do so in the great outdoors!

Archery Outdoor

So whatever your experience, level of fitness and social inclination, give Archery a try; we are positive that you will really enjoy being a member of one of the more unique clubs that the university has to offer.