Meet your Athletic Union Student Committee


Tom Milner 

Name: Tom Milner

Age: 22

AU Role: AU President

Degree: MSc in Finance

Club: Rugby Union

Fun Fact: Quarter Swedish

Likes: Long walks, sunny days, rugby league

Dislikes: Cous Cous, when people don't run hard and straight, the music of Elvis Presley




Name : Tom Kamal

Age : 22

AU role: AU Vice President

Course : Medicine (probably never mentioned it)

Club : Men’s Tennis 1st Team

Fun fact : I found myself at least 9 times travelling Australia in the summer

Likes : Top floor level, telling people I’m a medic

Dislikes: Lack of Insta support (@tomkamal16)




Name: Georgia Goodridge

Age: 20 

AU Role: AU Vice President (Participation) 

Degree: Anatomy and Human Biology  

Club: Hockey Women’s 2nd/3rd team

Fun Fact: I held a crocodile   

Likes: Avoiding work, watching TV, dogs, going out 

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, having responsibility, people 




Name: Matt Addison 

Age: 19 

AU Role: AU Vice President (Communications) 

Twitter: @MattAddison97 

Degree: Human Geography 

Fun Fact: I want to become a sports journalist in future 

Likes: Liverpool Football Club, Futsal & running 

Dislikes: Writing essays, referencing & laziness