Our participating students, staff, clubs, customers and partners are extremely important to us, and this noticeexplains how (and for what reason)  Sport Liverpool and the wider  University of Liverpool  collects, stores,manages and generally makes use of your personal data- that is any information that relates to you.In this notice personal data will be referred to simply as ‘information’. We aim to be clear when we collect your information as to what we intend to do with it and only use it in a way you would reasonably expect.



Sport Liverpool is part of the University of Liverpool and supports the university’s objectives through facilitating participation in activity and sport that builds a healthy campus and community. We do this by offering a range of services and events and providing facilities for the provision of sport and active participation. We also provide advice and work in partnership with other key departments such as wellbeing support services.

We aim to ensure student sport clubs have what they need to participate in their chosen sport during their time at University and we partner with national sporting bodies and associations to promote key sporting activities.