Elite Athlete Scheme

The Elite Athlete scheme at Sport Liverpool is designed to support and help the very best student athletes in any sporting discipline who are competing at a Junior, Under 21 or Senior regional, national and international level balance an academic and sporting career. Successful applicants will normally be part of a Sport England recognised National Governing Body (NGB) (and BUCS recognised sport) Performance Pathway however; we welcome applications from all students who feel they can significantly improve our university team and individual results.

The scheme provides the flexibility and assistance you need to combine your undergraduate or postgraduate studies with training and competition commitments at the highest levels of sport. The scheme is open to both home and international students, and depending on the category you compete at we offer two levels of the scheme.

To gain a place you will need to demonstrate the ability and ambition to compete at a high level and satisfy the academic entry requirements for your course (these are not reduced for elite athletes, nor are tuition fees covered for successful applicants). You will need to provide a reference from a Coach or an NGB official.

Awards can be offered beyond a student’s first year provided applicants demonstrate progress within their sport and the ability to keep up with their academic commitments. The elite athlete options offered are below.

Elite Athlete Support Scheme (Level One)

Prospective and ongoing students will be able to apply for this elite level scheme if they are on a NGB Performance Pathway and of junior or senior international standard. Such athletes will receive a services and support package to aid them in their development. This includes but is not limited to physiotherapy, sports psychology, strength & conditioning, Sports and Fitness Centre membership plus a cash contribution to help facilitate competition, travel and equipment requirements.

Elite Athlete Support Scheme (Level Two)

This scheme will support students who as a minimum are competing at a high level within a BUCS sport.  Students will need to demonstrate within their application that they can positively assist our strategic targets to increase our BUCS standings. Successful students will receive support via a service package of physiotherapy, sports psychology, strength and conditioning support alongside a complementary Sports and Fitness Centre membership. 

All athletes accepted on to the scheme will be expected to compete for the University of Liverpool in BUCS competition, and will be expected to act as Performance Champions of the University of Liverpool.  

  • Each applicant should complete an application form which must be supported by a reference from a coach or NGB representative. For continued or increased support during future years of study athletes must be able to demonstrate continual progression.
  • Students who participate in a team sport may have to undergo a player assessment at the beginning of term.
  • An Elite Athlete Support Scheme Panel will be established and will include the Director of Sport, SD Manager and the SDO for Performance. Final decisions will be made by the 1st of October each year.
  • Both awards will be reviewed at the end of each semester and those failing to honour the conditions of the awards will be removed from the programme.

Performance Athlete Grant Scheme

A dedicated amount of money will be available throughout the year should a student not on our elite scheme be selected or invited to representative trials to assist in travel and accommodation costs. An application for the amount needed should be made to the Sport Development Officer for Performance, Danielle Farrell. Please note that the maximum award granted is £300.

How to apply

An application form (available to download on the right) must be filled out and sent in, along with two references. Applications submitted without references will not be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for 19/20 will open on May 1st and close on September 6th.  

Further information

Any prospective students wanting to apply for 19/20 can make enquiries to athlete@liverpool.ac.uk.

For current students wanting more information please contact the SDO for Performance: Danielle Farrell on dfarrell@liverpool.ac.uk or 0151 794 4335