Performance Sport

Sport Liverpool is dedicated to providing high performing athletes and teams with an individualised structure to help each member reach their potential in sport.

We continue to strive for excellence in student sport within BUCS and external competitions in order to improve our sporting offer year on year. Clubs following Sport Liverpool’s performance pathway have access to a professional coaching structure, free strength and conditioning and physiotherapy support alongside sports psychology assistance.

A key priority for Sport Liverpool’s strategy includes continuous improvement within the BUCS University standings and to assist with this aim we now employ a full time Strength and Conditioning coach Phil Hewitt PhD, CSCS, ASCC who works with our selected Performance Teams and Elite Athletes (see left hand tab) in our dedicated Strength and Conditoning Vine Court Suite. 

Having climbed steadily for 5 seasons we unfortunately dropped in 2016/2017 and in the 2017/18 season our 72 BUCS teams and individuals will work hard to rectify this.

2011/12 – 34th – 867.7 points

2012/13 – 36th – 811.5 points

2013/14 – 33rd – 920 points

2014/15 – 30th – 1060 points

2015/16 – 25th – 1327.5 points

2016/17 - 30th - 1279.5 points