Varsity 2014

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Varsity 2014

Wednesday 2nd April will see Univeristy of Liverpool battle it out with liverpool John Moores in the annual Varsity tournament.

This year’s event will predominantly be held at UoL’s outdoor sporting facility Wyncote. Football, hockey, rugby league and lacrosse will all compete here, with the day culminating with the rugby union match at 3.30pm. Swimming, netball, handball and basketball will be playing at UoL’s indoor sport centre, whilst badminton and volleyball will compete at the JMU facility of IM Marsh. Ski and snowboarders will battle it out at the Chill Factor, golfers will be competing at the Royal Liverpool golf club and rowers will head over to Runcorn for their event.

This year, the annual sporting event promises to be bigger and better than ever and the launch of the official varsity video has everyone taling about it on campus.

Athletes from both UoL and JMU spent two intense days filming the trailer, which sees athletes from 15 different sports sprint across the city until they eventually meet and the battle begins. Filming began at University Square, and over the course of a weekend moved between significant Liverpool locations, such as the Liver Building, Albert Dock and St. John’s Gardens. The trailer, which was released on Wednesday, has been superbly directed by Front Lawn Films.

This trailer will hopefully start a legacy and get as many of UoL’s 21,000 students and JMU’s 24,000 students backing their respective universities.

To watch the video CLICK HERE


Article written by Catherine Reid