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Lucy Referee

Sport Liverpool are looking to recruit football referees to cover fixtures on Wednesday afternoons and throughout the day on Sunday’s.

The matches are 11-a-side and form the Campus Football leagues, the well-established intra-mural football setup within the University for student teams to compete in.

Anyone who is a referee in these leagues can benefit from an income of £20 per game, additional skills to your academic studies, and a new qualification.

Refereeing is also a flexible job, where you can officiate as much as you like, and can request only to be allocated matches on a specific day should you require that.

There are currently both male and female officials who regularly referee in the leagues, and no previous experience is required.

Why get involved?

Refereeing offers the chance to add skills to your CV, and also pays well, at £20 per game for an hour and a half of work and some exercise.

Anyone who already holds the qualification to referee 11-a-side football can begin straight away, with matches beginning the week after Welcome Week. For anyone looking to get themselves qualified, Sport Liverpool subsidises the price of the course for students, meaning it only costs £50 for the entire qualification.

Normally this figure would be around three times that amount depending on the county FA hosting the training, so it is worthwhile doing it as a student. The initial cost is paid back within three matches.

Having completed the course, which takes just one weekend, you are eligible to referee within the University and in local leagues. It can also become a summer job when at home in local leagues wherever you live, as it is the standard entry qualification for football referees in this country.

Campus Football games are held at Wyncote Sports Grounds in Mather Avenue, accessible by car or via the 86 or 86A bus routes, which take around 15 minutes.

John Farrell, a PhD student who has refereed in the campus leagues for a number of years, said: “It brings in a little bit of extra funding. It’s good fun and is a good way to meet other people.

“The main benefits are that you can get out there, meet new people, it’s good exercise, and some people might view it as a potential ‘side-career’.

“I know a couple of lads who have moved on to amateur leagues and Sunday leagues, so it’s a good way to progress if that’s something you want to do.

“It also looks quite good on your CV. It shows you can manage pressure situations and all things like that help when you are applying for jobs.”

Alex Barratt, who arrived at the University having already qualified as a referee and has now been involved for a year, said: “Refereeing is a rewarding experience which as a first year is a great way to settle in to university life while earning money at the same time.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing it during my first year with games being played in a competitive but enjoyable way. I look forward to doing it for my next two years at university and using the skills I've developed doing it later in life.”

What is the next step?

If refereeing sounds like something you would like to be a part of, email Matt Addison on for more information or to join the team of referees.

If you would like to enter an 11-a-side team, or are interested in joining the 6-a-side league which takes place on a Friday night, email Ryan Swinney on to find out whether places still remain.