Christie Championships 2018: All you need to know

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The University of Liverpool will host this year’s prestigious Christie Championships, with events in more than 30 different sports involving more than 1500 athletes.

After Oxford’s rivalry with Cambridge, the Christie tournament is the oldest competition of its kind in the UK, with this year being the 132nd edition.

This year the charity Stonewall, which aims promote equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people across the country, is also involved, with all participants encouraged to wear rainbow laces for their events to promote the cause.

All three Universities will utilise athletes who have represented their respective countries at national and international level, meaning the standard of sport is exceptionally high.

The University of Manchester have won the last three year’s competitions. Liverpool last won in 1991.

The event begins on Sunday, April 15, with Futsal, rugby league, American football and cricket taking place on that day. The main event is on Wednesday, April 18.

Wyncote Sports Grounds in Mather Avenue will host most events, with the Sports Centre on campus and Mountford Hall among the other locations that will be used.

A full fixture list for all sports, including start times and venues, can be found at:

In each sport, points are awarded to each University depending on performance. Three points are awarded for first place finishes, two points for second place and one point for third. Goal difference determines positions in the event of a tie unless otherwise stated in the rules of the specific sport.

A full breakdown of the rules and regulations, as well as the code of conduct for the event, is listed on the official website of the Christie Championships.

AU president Tom Milner said: “Hosting Christie only happens once in your university career. It’s a great opportunity to welcome Manchester and Leeds to Liverpool and show them what sport in Liverpool is all about.

“We will go all-out to claim Christie for the first time since 1991. We came close three years ago and I believe we’ve come a long way since then, so I can’t wait to get started.”

AU vice-president Georgia Goodridge added: “The Christie Cup is only at Liverpool every three years, so make the most of it and come down and support your uni.

“We’ve got more chance of winning games with your support on the sidelines and I hope to see you all there.”

The annual event is open for students to attend and promises to be an exciting occasion. There will also be full coverage across the official Twitter and Facebook pages for the Christie Championships and the Sport Liverpool social media accounts across all the major platforms.