Basketball Court

Basketball is an ever-growing sport in the United Kingdom. What better way to encourage its popularity than having free to use basketball hoops across campus. This highly competitive sport is great for staff and students alike. Whether competing in a one-on-one game or a knockout tournament, it's a great way to make new friends, strengthen your teamwork and learn a new hobby.

Our basketball courts consists of a hoop and free-throw line and are available all day, every day. Our courts are even lit so that people can enjoy the game at night time. Our courts are free to use and all you need to do is bring your own ball. If you don't have a ball, you're welcome to hire one from our reception at the Sports and Fitness centre.


  • Improve fitness
  • Meet new people
  • Learn a new skill.

Active Campus

Here at Sport Liverpool, we have decided to take action and help our students and staff get active on campus. Our aim is to inspire students and staff to be physically active through health promotion and excellent sports and fitness provision. What this looks like for you is a range of fun, engaging and free activities across the University of Liverpool campus designed to help you get active during your studies or professional careers.


Outside The sports & Fitness Centre

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