100 metre track

Athletic fitness plays a large part for all of our clubs at Team Sport Liverpool. So what better way to encourage athletic development of our athletes, students and staff than our very own running track in the heart of the University of Liverpool campus.

Details of activity

The 100 metre strip replicates a professional athletics race track but is available for anyone to use. Whether you would like to improve your fitness through a sprint workout before your class, or simply take on your friends in between lectures, this track is a great way to have fun and get fit on campus.

No booking is needed, just turn up, warm up and get sprinting.


  • Improved fitness
  • Fun competition

Active Campus

Here at Sport Liverpool, we have decided to take action and help our students and staff get active on campus. Our aim is to inspire students and staff to be physically active through health promotion and excellent sports and fitness provision. What this looks like for you is a range of fun, engaging and free activities across the University of Liverpool campus designed to help you get active during your studies or professional careers.


Between MIF and Crowne Place

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