Frequently Asked Questions - Safety & Hygiene

Please find frequently asked questions about our Safety & Hygiene measures below.

We can’t wait to welcome you back for the new term. Please check out the information below and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

The safety of our staff and users remains our highest priority, and we are confident that our enhanced cleaning and other health and safety measures taken will enable you to have a worry free, safe and enjoyable experience.

1. Do I still need to pre-book activities?

Yes.  We are asking that you still continue to pre-book all sessions so that we can manage numbers in all activities. We have recently increased numbers in some sessions and reduced the gaps inbetween sessions. 

You can access our online booking system here.

Opening times and activity timetables can be found on our Activity Timetables page.

2. What do I need to think about when planning a visit to the University Sports and Fitness Centre?

Staying safe is the responsibility of all of us so before you visit, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell and let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Please reduce to a minimum any personal belongings you bring into the centre.
  • You will have a specific time slot for your visit so please arrive no more than 5 minutes early and help things to run safely and smoothly by leaving promptly when your session ends.
  • Wherever possible, we encourage you to arrive at the centre ready-changed for your activity.
  • Bring your own water bottle as taking water by mouth from our water fountains is not permitted at present.
  • Please do not being your own towel to the gym until further notice. Disposable tissues will be provided.
  • Help keep yourself safe by wiping down equipment before and after use using the equipment provided at our cleaning stations.
  • There will be no shared swimming equipment available for use in the pool so if you wish to use a noodle or float, then please bring your own.
  • We will not be providing mats for excercise classes.  Please bring your own or purchase a mat from reception.
  • Hair and hand dryers may not be available in areas where space is limited.
  • Please always keep social distancing in mind and leave plenty of space between yourself and other members.
  • Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please contact us directly.

4. Do members need to wear face coverings?

Yes,  Face Coverings should still be worn inside all facilities and where social distancing cannot be maintained outside on the campus. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering a visor can be worn or a lanyard should be displayed.

5. Are all sports facilities back open?

Yes, all facilities are back open. 

7. Are AU clubs taking place?

Yes, all clubs will be running this year.  There may be limits on numbers depending on what area clubs train in.

9. Is there a time limit on my visit?

We ask that you attend your allocated session time.

10. Will I be able to use the facilities on a pay as you go basis?

We will be accepting Hussle users and non members.  You  will be required to register as normal through the Hussle website and pre-book by phoning 0151 794 3307.  This will be continually reviewed t make sure there is enough space in sessons for members.

12. Will the car park be open, and can I still purchase one shot tickets?

The car park will be open as normal, but please be aware that more members may be using cars to travel to the campus during the pandemic. One shot tickets will be available.  Please note, we will not be taking cash at present.

14. Can I contact someone with a question about safety and hygiene measures?

If you were unable to find an answer to your question. Please contact Sport Liverpool at





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