Activity Timetables

All Sport Liverpool activity timetables in one place.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be more changes to activities then normal.  Some timetables will only show one week in advance.

Sports & Fitness Centre

Swimming Pool Sessions

S&FC Swimming Pool Timetable wc 22.11.21

S&FC Swimming Pool Timetable wc 29.11.21


S&FC Gym Timetable wc 22.11.21

S&FC Gym Timetable wc 29.11.21


Classes from the 20th September 2021

GB Studio Timetable wc 22.11.21 

GB Studio Timetable wc 29.11.21


Live classes timetable July 2021 v2 until the 26th September 2021

Live & Online Classes Timetable July 2021 v1 until the 26th September 2021

We are still running live on classes every week Online Classes Timetable to commence 16th Jun 2021 onwards.

Greenbank Gym

Greenbank gym will re-open at 8.30am on Monday 20th September 2021.

Greenbank Gym Timetable wc 22.11.21

Greenbank Gym Timetable wc 29.11.21






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