Personal Trainer

Personal Training (PT) Packages

The Sports and Fitness Centre are now offering their premium members the opportunity to book personal training packages or pay for a one off tailored gym programme with the Fitness Team.

The following packages are offered:

One Session £26.00
Three Sessions £72.00
Five Sessions £105.00

Buddy Sessions

Buddy sessions, where two members can train together with one instructor, will be available on demand. The cost for these sessions are:

One Session £42.00
Three Sessions £115.00
Five Sessions £165.00

Each session is scheduled to last one hour and is tailored to the member's aims and goals.

As a PT client you will receive a full body MOT (BP, Body Fat & Waist/Hip Ratio, Lung Function Test, Fitness Test) and receive a personalised training programme as well as more advanced training through your hourly sessions with a personal trainer.

Gym Training Programmes

If you want to have a tailored fitness programme, but feel a PT session is not for you why not take advantage of our personalised training programmes?  

Personaised training programmes consist of an initial consultation including a basic body MOT (BP, Body Fat & Waist/Hip Ratio) followed by a 20 minute meeting with a fitness consultant. The consultant will run through the programme, delivering basic training advice to include the correct intensity and execution of exercises. 

The cost of a gym programme is £12.00.

Please check our Terms and Conditions for further information