A symposium and the launch of the Centre took place at the University of Liverpool on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June 2015. Read the report on the event.

The event focused on recent research and challenges in spatial demographics research. It brought together leading researchers in spatial demographics who presented cutting-edge research and engaged with key agendas in the field. Six key research themes provided the focus of the event: 

  1. Demographic change
  2. Small-area estimation
  3. Migration and ethnic diversity
  4. Population profiles and long term change
  5. Health
  6. Future opportunities 

Speakers included: Tony Champion (Newcastle University), Phil Clarke (Office for National Statistics), Phil Rees (University of Leeds), Alice Reid (University of Cambridge), Nicola Shelton (University College London), Alan Smith (Office for National Statistics), Richard Webber (King’s College London), Li-Chun Zhang (University of Southampton), Benjamin Barr, Matthew Baylis, Kathy Burrell, Gemma Catney, Rhiannon Corcoran, Tina Hannemann, Hill Kulu, Chris Lloyd, Simon Maskell, Karyn Morrissey, Alex Singleton, Matthew Wallace, Paul Williamson (all University of Liverpool). The Symposium Schedule‌, along with slides for some presentations, is available to download. 

Symposium Launch

Some of the speakers at the Centre Symposium and Launch. Left to right: Hill Kulu, Phil Rees, Gemma Catney, Alice Reid, Chris Lloyd, Paul Williamson, Tony Champion (back row), Phil Clarke, Li-Chun Zhang, Tina Hannemann, Nicola Shelton, Matt Wallace.