Facilities & Services

Training and workshops 

We offer training courses which introduce the basic principles of geographic information systems and spatial analysis in a population studies context. Currently, our training is based on the free GIS software package QGIS and RStudio

For information on courses for individuals and organisations outside of the University of Liverpool, or to join the mailing list to be notified of new courses please contact Nick Bearman

For information on events within the Centre and the University more generally please contact Chris Lloyd

Information on future training courses will be provided here shortly. 


We are open to proposals for collaborative research and consultancy. Please see the Centre membership list to identify potential contacts or email the Centre Director, Chris Lloyd.


The CDRC lab is one of only three sites to provide access to a range of record level national retailer data. To see what data are available to use, a catalogue of these information can be found on data.cdrc.ac.uk. The lab is available to any academic researcher with an approved project. For more information about using the lab, see guidance on the CDRC website (https://www.cdrc.ac.uk/data-services/using-our-data/).