CSDR Policy Briefings

This page provides links to a series of short (four page) policy briefings which summarise research which has been undertaken by members of the Centre. Additional briefings will be added in the coming months; themes of planned briefings include country of birth and ethnicity, housing tenure, and housing spaces.

  1. Population Change in Britain, 1971-2011 (PopChange Briefing 1) Chris Lloyd, Gemma Catney, Paul Williamson and Nick Bearman (2017) (full journal article available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S019897151730145X)
  2. Deprivation Change in Britain, 1971-2011‌ (PopChange Briefing 2) Chris Lloyd, Gemma Catney, Paul Williamson, Nick Bearman and Paul Norman (2018)
  3. Housing Tenure Change in England, 1971-2011 (PopChange Briefing 3) Chris Lloyd and James Gleeson (2018) (high resolution images available at: https://popchange-data.liverpool.ac.uk/briefing3/)

For more information, please contact Chris Lloyd.