Photo of Prof Ross Coomber

Prof Ross Coomber BA (Hons); MSc; PhD, FAcSS

Professor of Criminology and Sociology Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


PhD Supervision

I am an experienced PhD supervisor (x8 to completion) and PhD External Examiner (x11) and I particularly welcome applications from prospective students under the following indicative areas (although please do feel free to pitch a topic to me):

- Dark Net/Crypto drug markets (or other dark net trading)
- Illicit drug markets (various aspects of)
- Illicit drug use (various aspects of)
- The intersection of crime, law and and public health (in relation to drug use or supply)
- Symbolic policing
- Fear of crime
- Sociology of fear
- Cross-cultural public spitting
- The use of steroids and other image and performance enhancing drugs (by either professionals or non-professionals)

Current Students:

- Andrew Childs – commenced March 2017 – Griffith University.

Modules for 2019-20


Module code: SOCI301

Role: Teaching

Rapid Ethnography and Rapid Appraisal

Module code: SOCI502

Role: Module Co-ordinator