Photo of Dr Rajeev Gundur

Dr Rajeev Gundur PhD

Lecturer Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Personal Statement

I hold a BA from Tulane University in New Orleans where I studied Latin American politics and culture. I completed an MA in international relations at the Australian National University and and MSc in criminology at the University of Oxford. I hold a PhD from Cardiff University.

I researched the relationships between Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and street and prison gangs in the United States. I am particularly interested in how these relationships change over geographical space and how and if individuals are able to move among such organizations. I am also interested in how such organizations contest elements of sovereignty, including authority, legitimacy, and control, in liberal democratic states, in order to advance their criminal enterprises. In addition, I am studying prison gangs as an entity of their own and am examining how they configure and reconfigure themselves in response to control efforts by law enforcement. Besides my main research interests in DTOs and prison gangs, I am also interested in online “organized” crime and understanding patterns of behavior which develop in the context of cyberspace and how these patterns transfer to the analogue world and vice versa. In my spare time, I am a hobby photographer and enjoy discovering new sounds.

Administrative Roles

  • ULiS Graduation Coordinator

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