Photo of Dr Kim Price

Dr Kim Price

Research Associate School of Law and Social Justice


Personal Statement

Kim Price has previously been a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow and winner of several research grants. He has held research posts in the Universities of Leicester and Oxford and at Northumbria and Oxford Brookes Universities. He has wide ranging research interests with a specialist focus in the complex relationships between law, rights, poverty, health and welfare. More recently, Kim's research has also broadened into the global reach of the British empire and how this has interacted with population movements across the world, particularly the implications for population health in countries which had convict or prisoner populations in the past. Kim has therefore joined the University of Liverpool as a research associate with the Digital Panopticon project, using that project's Big Data in order to digitally analyse convict and population health in British colonial and domestic settings. He is always keen to forge collaborations and use his knowledge to foster fresh links and bridge academic divides.