Prof Ken Roberts BSc(Soc); MSc(Econ)

Professor Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


    Personal Distinctions

    • Class formsation and disti nction: fifteen years of change in Eastern Europe (Keynote Speech, Bulgarian Sociological Association 2013)
    • Youth cultures and the formation of a new political generation in Eastern Europe (Keynote Speech, Freie Universitat, Berlin 2012)
    • Career guidance in England today (Keynote Speech, ESRC 2012)
    • Internal assessor (New Eurasia Foundation (Russia) 2011)
    • Leisure in the West after the end of the long baby boomer generation (Keynote Speech, International Sociological Association 2011)
    • The end of the long baby boomer generation (Keynote Speech, European Sociological Association 2011)
    • International expert assessor (Dutch Research Council 2011)
    • Senior Fellow and Founder Member (World Leisure Academy 2010)
    • Current theoretical and methodological trends within youth studies (Keynote Speech, Uppsala University 2010)
    • Research Fellow (Asia-Pacffic Centre for the Study of and Training in Leisure 2009)
    • Trends in Leisure Research (Keynote Speech, Zhejiang University 2009)
    • 1989: so hard to remember and so easy to forget (Keynote Speech, ISA RC34, Council and Europe, European Union 2009)
    • Leisure and sociology: past achievements and current challenges (Keynote Speech, Chinese Academy of Arts 2009)
    • Senior Fellow (American Leisure Academy 2008)
    • Expert of international; standing (Australian Research Council 2008)
    • Undergraduate education: meanings and means (Keynote Speech, Open Society Institute 2008)
    • Youth in Transition (Keynote Speech, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2008)
    • Youth in the 21st Century: Individualisation, Reflexivity and Social Integration (Invitation to Speak, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kiev 2007)
    • Expert of International Standing (Australian Research Council 2007)
    • Leisure in cosmopolitan Europe (Invitation to Speak, European Parliament, Brussels 2007)
    • Youth Transitions (Invitation to Speak, Yerevan State University 2007)
    • Evaluator (Georgian National Science Foundation 2006)
    • 'The student experience of higher eudcation' (Keynote Speech, HEFC Wales 2006)
    • 'The young self-employed in East-Central Europe' (Keynote Speech, UniCredit Foundation/University of Trento 2006)
    • Consultant on development of PhD programmes (Tbilisi State University 2005)
    • Committee of Academicians (Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences 2004)
    • Life membership (Leisure Studies Association 2003)
    • Member of HEFCE RAE Panel, Sports-related studies, (HEFCE 2001)
    • Academic Fellow (Institute of Career Guidance 2000)
    • President, Research Committee on Leisure, International Sociological Association (International Sociological Association 1998)
    • Degree Day Speech (Invitation to Speak, Edith Cowan University, Perth 1998)

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