Dark Tourism in Comparative Practice

Sites of Spectacle, Sites of Suffering

Led by Professors Barry Godfrey and Charles Forsdick, this AHRC-funded project explores the relationship between memory, cultural heritage, colonialism and public understandings of suffering and imprisonment in comparative perspective. The representation of imprisonment, deportation and convict transportation could be examined as a set of separate issues, and the project preserves the distinctiveness of the sites and historical situations studied; however, following recent work on 'dark tourism' and crime, we also explore the overlaps (since many of the buildings and sites we will study were used as transportation depots, prisons, and asylum/workhouses at various points of their histories). We engage with museum curators, academics, practitioners, and heritage industry consultants in a collaborative enterprise to unlock and unpick concepts of 'dark tourism' in a European/International context. Led by Liverpool in partnership with Professor Anette Becker, Universitie Paris Ouest Nanterre la Defense and Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, University of Tasmania.

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