• Events

    • 8th April 2022: Public & Practices and ICRU are hosting the virtual panel “Fighting disinformation in the Ukraine Invasion: a multidisciplinary perspective”. Scholars from Kyiv School of Economics will discuss the disinformation and war propaganda by Russian forces since the invasion of Ukraine.

    • 2nd March 2022: Tate Exchange Partnership Event - The work of Lucy McKenzie: Guided Walk of the Gendered City with Dr Gemma Ahearne.

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    • 16th December 2021: Shadow Pandemic: Domestic Abuse during Covid19. Organisers: Jane Richardson, Sandra Walklate and Barry Godfrey

    • Researching Digital Cultures/Researching Cultures Digitally: NW Digital Research Methods Festival, 12-13 Sept 2018. Organised by Dr Zoe Alker, Dr Dani Bel-Arribas, Dr Phillip Brooker, Prof Barry Godfrey, Dr Andrew Kirton, Dr James Lowry, Dr Michael Mair & Dr Naimh Thornton

    • Towards a Critical Historical Geographies of Education, American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, New Orleans, 13 April 2018. Co-organised by Dr Kirsty Morrin w/ Corblan, F (Uni of London) & Gamu, S. (Uni of Bath)

    • New Directions in Ethnomethodology Workshop, University of Liverpool in London, 28-29 March 2018. Organised by Dr Michael Mair.
    • NCRM Innovation Event: The Visual Field, Manchester Museum, 22-23 January 2018. Organised by Dr Michael Mair. with Professor Mark Elliot (University of Manchester).
    • Dark Tourism: International Conference, University of Liverpool, 15th-16th September 2017. Organised by Prof Barry Godfrey.
    • Digital Panopticon Conference, St George’s Hall, 13-15 September 2017. Organised by Prof Barry Godfrey.
    • Conference on Violence, Culture and Victimhood, Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, Thursday 11th May 2017
    • Conference on Criminology, criminal justice and ex-military communities: the way ahead? Eleanor Rathbone Building, University of Liverpool, Friday 10 June 2016
    • Conference on ‘Perspectives on Economy and Austerity’ Co-organised by Dr Paul Jones (Sociology) and Claes Belfrage (School of Management), The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool, Friday 4 December 2015. See the Storify of the day.
  • Conferences and presentations

    • Campbell, P. (2018) ‘Persistent Creativity’, Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland.
    • Sormani, P., Brooker, P, Mair, M. & Dutton, W. (2018) 'Just What Are We Doing When We're Describing AI? Harvey Sacks, The Commentator Manchine and The Descriptive Turn in Artificial Intelligence', EASST2018: Meetings - Making Science, Technology and Society Together, Lancaster University, UK.
    • Plüss, C. (2018) ‘Cosmopolitanism Questioned: Mid- and High-Skilled Chinese Singaporean Migrants in Global Cities’, XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, 15-21 July.
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  • Keynote and plenary

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  • In the news

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  • Blog

    • Coleman, R. (2018) ‘The Neobarbarian/ Neoliberal University #1’ in States, Power, Emotion published 12th June 2018
    • Brooker, P. (2017) "Bauman? On Ethnomethodology?", The Sociological Review Blog, published 26th April 2017
    • Huffington Post: Professor David Whyte with Greg Muttitt, How the Iraq Inquiry Could Have Helped Blair on His Way to the Hague
    • Blog: Roy Coleman, State, Power, Emotion. How can we understand state and corporate power through the lens of emotional governance? This site explores the links between emotion, state intervention and political economy. Content is posted here related to the politics of hope, fear and uncertainty; emotional power and justice; over-rationalized forms of living; postemotional times; modern stresses, state violence and emotional harms. The thoughts of individuals reflected on this site do NOT reflect the views of particular institutions
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  • Awards and distinctions

    • Thomas Hilbig, a PhD student in SSPC, was awarded the Duncan Norman Scholarship; a prestigious scholarship to enable academically gifted students with the potential to because future research leaders to pursue PhD study at the University of Liverpool.
    • Dr Kirsteen Paton, Vikki McCall and Gerry Mooney were awarded The Sociological Review award for Outstanding Scholarship 2017 for their article “Place revisited: class, stigma and urban restructuring in the case of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games”.
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    • Dr Michael Mair and Dr Paul Jones have collaborated on a paper that has won the 2017 John Stewart Prize for “Best Paper in Local Government Studies”. The paper is available open access.
    • Lord, A., Mair, M., Sturzaker, J. & Jones, P. (2017) ‘‘The Planners’ Dream Goes Wrong?’ Questioning Citizen-Centred Planning, Local Government Studies [online first], 344-363. DOI: 10.1080/03003930.2017.1288618.
    • Dr Martina Kolanoski, who is a visiting research assistant with us and connected to Publics and Practices, won the Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis section Graduate Paper Award at the American Sociological Association Conference 2017
    • As part of ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – Elizabeth Minor, an Honorary Visiting Researcher in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology at the University of Liverpool , has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018. Elizabeth and her organisation, Article 36 - a UK-based not-for-profit organisation working to prevent the unintended, unnecessary or unacceptable harm caused by certain weapons – play a central role in ICAN. Article 36 is on ICAN’s steering group and was heavily involved in getting the new UN Treaty Prohibiting the Use of Nuclear Weapons passed in July this year, with Elizabeth on-site in the UN in New York over the spring and summer to take part in negotiations and ensure the treaty was passed. Article 36 also contributed heavily in developing the strategic concept of a treaty banning nuclear weapons and ensured provisions on victim assistance and environmental remediation were included and remained in it through the treaty negotiations. Elizabeth is currently collaborating with Dr Michael Mair and on a project exploring the use of armed drones in conflict.
    • Professor Barry Goldson became one of forty-seven leading social scientists conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS). Professor Goldson was recognised after an extensive peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work through the use of social science for public benefit.
    • New collaborative research projects launched by Professor Barry Goldson with the Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission and Dr Michael Mair with Article 36 via two joint ESRC CASE studentships, awarded via the NWSSDTP, 2017
    • Southern Criminology: Professor Sandra Walklate, Dr Leon Moosavi and Dr Ross McGarry were all awarded Scholarships in Southern Criminology from QUT to attend the Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South: International Conference in July 2017
    • Social Policy Association: Dr Ruth Patrick recieves Best Post Graduate Paper award at the 2015 Social Policy Association conference: In Defence of Welfare 2.