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Research Evidence for Action to Create Smoke Free Homes

REACH Collaborators

  • Prof Jude Robinson, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Laura Jones, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Jo Longman, University of Sydney
  • A/Prof Megan Passey, University of Sydney.

In 2014, our team undertook a systematic review and qualitative synthesis of the published research evidence on caregivers’ perspectives of the barriers and enablers to establishing and maintaining smoke free homes, and we published a paper based on the 1990-2014 global literature (22 articles) in BMJ Open in 2016. Rachel Heah and Jude Robinson updated the searches and the review to July 2017, and added a further 13 articles to the review. We are currently writing further papers to include the updated findings and to discuss some findings in more detail. 

Based on the reviews and subsequent work we have developed the REACH 10 Point Summary of the evidence and the REACH Strategy, that advocates a strengths-based approach to ensure that messages around smoke free reach not only all members of households but the wider community, and are delivered by health and social care professionals across organisations. We are currently exploring with tobacco leads and other key stakeholders how the REACH 10 Point Summary and REACH Strategy may be used to inform and assist local Smoke Free Homes Initiatives across the UK - and we would appreciate any feedback on the guidance and strategy.

Reference to the open access published paper:

Passey ME, Longman JM, Robinson J, Wiggers J, Jones LE. (2016) Smoke-free homes: what are the barriers, motivators and enablers? A qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis. BMJ Open 6. Read the open access article.


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